Shop Tour

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 A view looking across my basement shop with the small tool island, buffing wheel, jig saw, grinder, drill press and belt sander in the center and the wood storage shelves beyond that.

 This is a group of power tools I use to cut bracing, tops and sides/backs. Everything is on rollers so I can spread out to saw lumber. I have two bandsaws, a table saw, floor drill press and thickness sander in a 5-foot square corral.
 This is a shop-made dust collector with vacuum line running to the unit in the garage. I have a wired remote switch that turns the vacuum system on when I lift the blast gate. This fixture allows me to sand and rout in the shop without too much dust. There is an air cleaner hanging from the ceiling to take care of the dust that escapes.


This is the setup and repair bench with all of the hand tools in the shelves above. The worklight came from a doctor's office. It is very bright and focused with a balanced mechanism that holds it anywhere you put it


 Here is the wood supply storage where I keep sides, backs, fingerboards and tops after they have been cut and thinned to size.

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