Jigs and Other Shop-Made Tools

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 This is a "Go-Deck".

It is a Japanese method for applying pressure to glue joints in uneven surfaces.

 This is a very small "table saw" I use to cut inlay shapes like strips, diamonds and squares out of mother of pearl and abalone blanks.

 A slotted jig to exert even pressure on a fretted fingerboard while gluing it to the neck. The frets fit into the slots and the center is hollowed out for the fingerboard arch. This gives a straight, edge contact for a straight fingerboard joint.

 A polycarbonate holding fixture to shape the braces on a small shaper. A shaper can be very dangerous and unpredictable if the piece you are shaping is held too lightly. You really need a strong fixture to hold the piece firmly and keep your fingers far away from the blades.
   A measuring jig to consistantly position back braces. A great time saver from measuring each time.
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