These are my wood shelves where I store parts after they have been resawn and shaped. I control temperature and humidity to stabilize them prior to beginning assembly.


 I try to keep a selection of cases of various sizes ready to go all the time. If there is a question whether a guitar will fit in a case or not, I just pull one down and put the bent sides and neck in it to check the fit. This avoids the "building a boat in you basement" syndrome where the finished guitar will not fit in any standard case.


 Here are a bunch of Rosewood fingerboard blanks I found at a local lumber yard. They came from PRS Guitars in Maryland.


 I buy necks that have been roughed out on a computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machine. This saves abou 3-hours per guitar if a customer wants a stock neck. Custom necks still have to be made by hand

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